Marine Radio Operator Permit




Pathfinder Maritime Training’s Marine Radio Operator Permit (MROP) teaches students the fundamentals of marine radio operations and prepares students for the FCC MROP exam.

For professionals, a MROP license is crucial in securing employment and a requirement for all inspected vessels. OUPV license holders will benefit from a license as well as it will prepare you for emergency communications, allow you to assist vessels in distress, and keep you safe on the water. If you have your Merchant Mariner’s/Captains license and a Marine Radio Operator’s Permit (MROP), you increase your chances of securing maritime employment.

For recreational boaters, this course will prepare you for emergency communications, making you a safer, more informed boater. Knowing how to reach help with digital select calling (DSC) will help protect you, your passengers, and your vessel safe on the water.

Course Details – The following is included in the course cost:

  • Online: 8 hour course
  • FCC approved exam (one sitting)
  • FCC licensing fee

Topics: License requirements and regulations, Major parts of radio equipment, VHF marine radios, Single side band (SSB) radios, Radio propagation – frequency, Operator requirements and procedures, Keeping a radio log, Routine calling procedures, Distress calling procedures, Digital selective calling (DSC), GMDSS Equip.: EPIRBs, SARTs, NAVTEC

If you operate any of the following vessels you are required by the FCC and USCG to have a MROP:

• All vessels with a length of 65 feet or more
• All inspected vessels carrying passengers for hire (includes Great Lakes inspected vessels)
• All vessels subject to the Radiotelephone Act
• All towing vessels 26 feet and over
• All vessels going to ports in other countries

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