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The Captain’s Log

How to Earn a Captain’s License

Step 1: Enroll in and complete a licensing course. The hardest part of this step is determining which course is right for you. Feel free to check out our blog on this topic or contact the PMT team who will be more than happy to assist.  Step 2: Complete the...

Which Captain’s License is Right for You?

One of the most common questions we are asked is “What is the difference between an OUPV and Master license, and which one should I earn?” Our first answer is always “It depends.” It depends on what you will use the license for, and it depends on your sea service. The...

Do I Need a Captain’s License?

Summary: Who needs a Captain’s license? Anyone carrying passengers-for-hire on federal waters. If you are receiving direct or indirect compensation from your passengers you are required to hold a Captain’s license. Voluntary compensation, such as splitting fuel costs...

Do Navigation Rules of the Road (ROTR) Apply to Me?

Summary: ROTR applies to all vessels subject to U.S. jurisdiction, whether recreational or commercial, operating on the high seas or U.S. navigable water connected to them. If you are a commercial mariner, you must maintain proficiency in ROTR via NMC credentialing....

What are Navigation Rules of the Road (ROTR)?

Navigation Rules of the Road, often referred to as a ROTR or COLREGS, can best be described as the traffic laws of the sea – like how cars have traffic laws. These rules help mariners navigate safely by defining light and sound signals required of vessels, actions for...

The Pathfinder Difference

Online courses, designed with you in mind, provide an unmatched learning experience.

Making a Positive Impact

A registered Public Benefit corporation, Pathfinder Maritime Training is committed to preserving our waterways and creating a safe maritime community. As such, we’re committed to giving back a portion of time, talents, and resources to championing these causes.

Hundreds of Satisfied Captains

“The online courses were excellent, and I was able to earn my license on my own schedule! The PMT team was available for support whenever I needed extra help.”

Capt. Chris S. - Assistant Harbormaster

Hingham, MA

“The training I received through PMT was incredibly beneficial! Capt. Bobby was with me every step of the way – from enrollment to submitting my license application, including personal extra help that I asked for on a specific test topic. PMT are not only great people, but have a deep passion for the water and assisting Captain’s to be the best they can be. They have created an extremely valuable training platform and a robust educational resource. It truly laid the groundwork for my continued career and success as a Master Captain.

Meara S. - Yacht Captain

Singer Island, FL

“I completed PMT’s blended OUPV course and couldn’t be happier! The online lessons were informative and easy to follow, and the in-person sessions were great. I highly recommended their courses for anyone wanting to earn a license.”

Capt. Joe Lefeber - Cruisin Tiki

OshKosh, WI