Pathfinder Maritime Training (PMT) was approved in 2023 by the National Maritime Center to offer automated, on-demand assessment exams. Meeting the NMC’s requirements was not an easy task, and the PMT crew couldn’t be more excited. The process for online, video proctor sessions is relatively simple and consists of four steps.

Step 1: Complete all course content, quizzes and practicals.

Step 2: Request access to your final exam and then download the required third-party application on a computer (not mobile device compatible at this time). A 24 hour notice is required before accessing your exam.

  • Prepare a clean workspace when you are ready to take the exam. Your surface should be free of any distractions or devices. No one else should be present. All PATHFR exams are closed book and untimed. 

Step 3: Log into the proctor session using the link provided via email. Present your ID, check your video and audio connections, scan your room 360 degrees and then begin the exam.

  • You will need to have a camera, microphone, and no dual or secondary monitor hooked up, and basic internet speeds to complete the process.
  • The length of your exam varies based on course.
  • Most exams are a 70% passing rate, with the exception of Rules of the Road and Chart Plotting (90%).

Step 4: Receive your Certificate. The Pathfinder team will review the session within 24 hours and then issue your course completion certificate.

  • You’re ready to complete other NMC requirements and apply for your license!