Lifeboatman Limited




Lifeboatman Limited is required to get your Able Seaman credentials. As an Able Seaman, you will be part of a team responsible for responding to emergencies. During these emergencies, you may be called on to operate rescue craft, lead others during an abandon ship, or numerous other actions. This course provides you with the fundamentals to effectively carry out these duties.

The following topics are covered in this course:

  • Rescue craft launch and recovery
  • Lead a rescue boat during and after launch & manage other survivors
  • Operate a rescue boat engine
  • Standard & emergency communication equipment

Lifeboatman practical requirements can be satisfied by using our National Limited Lifeboatman Practical Form. This form was developed following the National Lifeboatman requirements & is not a proficiency in Survival Craft checklist.

Final exams can be taken at one of our nationwide approved testing sites.


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