We’ve changed our name to Pathfinder Maritime Training!

Since launching Explorer’s Guide Online in 2018, our goal has always been to provide the best maritime training possible, and we’ve always focused on online courses. As we continue to grow, we’re excited to begin offering in-person and blended trainings, in addition to our online courses. With these additional offerings, keeping “Online” in our name didn’t make much sense.

Why Pathfinder Maritime Training

Our goal has always been to offer the best training possible, and this often means being the first to adopt new learning techniques, technologies, and tools. To us, a pathfinder is one who leads the way, explores the unknown, and, put simply, finds a new path. We view ourselves as pathfinders in this industry and believe the name is a perfect fit.

We also believe the name applies to you, our students! Each one of our students is earning a license to lead the way and find a new path. Earning a maritime license is a major accomplishment that opens up opportunities on the water. Whether you’re earning a license to advance your career or pursue your passion, you are a Pathfinder too!

What’s Next

This year, our team will be launching blended and in-person courses throughout the United States. Short-term, we expect to work with organizations, such as sailing, yacht, and fishing clubs, to organize these courses. We will also be launching free learning courses for boaters and mariners interested in honing their talents but not quite ready to earn a license.