Name: Capt. Chris, Hingham, MA

Occupation: Hingham Assistant Harbormaster & Strategy Consultant

The Pathfinder Maritime Training team is pleased to feature our student, Chris Salinas! Chris is a Coast Guard veteran who earned his commercial license to stay engaged with the maritime industry outside of the military.

As a Coastguardsman, Captain Chris was responsible for training foreign maritime services and has sailed around the world. Today, Capt. Chris works as a strategy consultant and moonlights as an Assistant Harbormaster for the town of Hingham, MA, a few miles south of Boston. 

What maritime license do you have and why did you earn a license?

I decided to pursue my OUPV (6-Pack) because I wanted to capitalize on my active-duty experience training foreign maritime services and establish my own professional credibility as an Assistant Harbormaster. In this role, I spend a lot of time operating various police small boats performing law enforcement and general maritime safety duties in cooperation with other local, state, and federal agencies, so ensuring my skills and training are up to par is essential. I’m also trying to eventually set myself up for a retirement gig as a charter fishing trip skipper (still have a few decades before that though).

What advice would you give to anyone wanting to earn a maritime license?

Remember that every boat drives a bit differently, so there’s no substitute for getting out there and experiencing different types in different sea states (safely) to build your confidence. 

Any feedback for the PMT team? 

The PMT team and Captain Bobby were great! They helped me through the slow admin pieces of licensing and really helped me to get my full application package together!

Do you have a favorite memory on the water or a favorite place to boat/sail?

The summer before your junior year at the Coast Guard Academy, 6-8 cadets take ~40’ sailboats and go on ten days of sail training around New England with one officer supervising. We sailed from New London to Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard, Newport, and back learning the nuances of harnessing the wind and skippering a small boat. That trip will forever be one of my most formative experiences on the water and taught me more about boating/sailing than I can express.