Focus Mode aims to eliminate distractions & streamline your learning experience – increasing learning retention and completion rates.

Focus mode eliminates common webpage distractions and puts forth the most important content front and center to help students progress through the course.

Now when you click into a lesson it will be in focus mode. To exit, hover over the profile photo and then select “course home” in the top right of your screen:

  •  Focus Mode is applied on all screen sizes (desktop, tablet & mobile)
  • Main navigation & footer elements are removed from the page
  •  Any sidebars, if present, are also removed from the page
  • Course navigation is always visible in a sidebar tray
  • Course progress is always visible at the top of the screen
  • Next/Previous lesson & topic navigation is always available at the top of the screen
  • Mark Complete button is always visible at the top of the screen
  • User’s avatar is shown in the top navigation, along with “Course Home” and “Logout” links

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