OUPV Upgrade to Master (100 Tons)




What is a Master License?

A Master license allows you to operate inspected vessels Is it time to upgrade your OUPV license to 100 Ton Masters License? A 100 Ton Master license allows you to operate inspected vessels up to 100 gross tons and/or carry more than six passengers-for-hire. Inspected vessels are inspected by the U.S. Coast Guard and are issued a certificate of inspection. Common examples of these vessels are passengers (e.g. ferries), off-shore supply, towing, and sea school vessels. This course allows you to earn up to a 100 Ton Master license. Your sea service determines both the route and tonnage for your license. The routes include Inland, Great Lakes and Near Coastal. The tonnage of the vessel you can operate also depends on size of the vessel you served on. Tonnage ratings include 25, 50, or 100-ton Master captains license. At a minimum, all students will receive a 25 ton Master license.

License Requirements

Sea service:

  • Inland or Great Lakes Master: 360 days with at least 90 days on the Great Lakes and at least 90 days of sea service on any waters within the last three year
  • Near Coastal Master: 720 days with at least 360 days on the Great Lakes and/or near coastal waters.


  • Everyone earns at least a 25 ton endorsement
  • Under the new regulation, 50 ton requires 90 days of service on vessels of 26+ gross tons OR 180 days of service on vessels 17+ gross tons or above
  • For a 100 ton master Inland or Great Lakes, you need 180 days on a vessel 34+ gross tons or 90 days on a vessel 51+ gross tons.
  • For the near Coastal these number double


  • All other OUPV requirements (e.g. medical exam, etc) apply.
  • If you have plans of upgrading to a Master license, check out our course bundles. If you complete OUPV and Master courses prior to applying for your license, you only have to submit one license application, saving you time and money

Course Details

  • Self-paced online course typically takes 12 – 25 hours depending on experience level
  • One final exam which can be taken at one of our nationwide approved testing sites
  • 24/7 course availability. Mobile responsive content allows you to complete course work anytime, anywhere
  • National Maritime Center approved for issuance and renewal of Master merchant mariner credential
  • Fees include all course materials (manual, plotting tools, charts, rules book) and one sitting of your proctored exams
  • From the time you start your first lesson, you have 26 weeks to complete the course & exams. Most students complete the course within 12 weeks
  • Refund policy: All courses can be refunded within four weeks of purchase or the completion of one course module, whichever comes first

PLEASE NOTE: If you take this class and do not have the required sea service time for the near coastal route, your license will be approved for either an Inland or Great Lakes route. If in the future you want to upgrade to near coastal route, you will be required to our Masters Increase in scope course.

Military, First Responder, and Group Discounts

Thank you for all you do to keep us safe! Please contact us to learn more about our military, first responder, and veteran discounts Interested in group enrollments? Group discounts begin with a 3-person minimum. This is a great solution for boat clubs, sailing teams, and maritime corporations Have more questions? Feel free to call, text, or email us. We’re happy to help.


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